MQL Router Kit

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SKU: 210-2P-MV
Standard: Manual Valve
Optional: Integrated Solenoid Control



The MQL Router Kit is a dual nozzle lubrication system for multi-axis machining! Eliminate the mess and hassle of manual lubrication. Save on fluid costs, experience up to 4X longer tool life, and maintain a cleaner work environment with Minimum Quantity Lubrication.


  • 1 gallon lasts 100+ Hours
  • 4X longer tool life
  • Coolube® Lifetime Pump Warranty
  • Easy on/off valve
  • Separate air/fluid control
  • Magnetic mounting
  • Durable construction
  • Dual nozzles
  • Continuous precision output


The MQL Router Kit is perfect for any cutting application using multiple axis, including CNC routers, mills, and lathes.
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About this item:

  • Everything you need to equip your machine with Minimum Quantity Lubrication.
  • Shipped with 8oz of Coolube® 2210AL for immediate use. Coolube® 2210AL is optimal for aluminum machining. 
  • Ideal for multi-axis machines, including CNC routers, mills, and lathes.
  • Quickly install, adjust, and mobilize the system with non-invasive magnetic mounting and flexible nozzles.
  • Durable machined components to withstand shop environment.
  • Lifetime pump warranty, your MQL Starter Kit's pump is guaranteed for life when exclusively used with Coolube® lubrication.
  • Requires 60-100 psi of clean dry air (2-3 CFM).


MQL Router Kit Includes:

  1. 8oz Coolube® 2210AL
  2. 16oz reservoir
  3. Pump cycles per minute adjustment
  4. Pump cycle output adjustment
  5. Air output adjustment
  6. Manual on / off valve
  7. 2 12" adjustable nozzles


Fluid compatibility:

The MQL Router Kit can dispense fluids between 30 and 1,300 SUS. This includes most alcohol-based fluids and high-performance cutting lubricants such as Coolube®.





Fluid cost savings without
any performance loss.



MQL is Great For:


Cold Sawing
Horizontal Sawing
Vertical Sawing


Watch how Computerized Cutters
utilizes the MQL Router Kit on their systems


Cut with Coolube®
for a lifetime warranty on your MQL Starter Kit's pump

Tested to 10 million pump cycle's Coolube® is the best cutting fluid for your MQL Starter Kit. We’re so confident in the quality of Coolube® that we offer the Coolube® Lifetime Pump Warranty. The Coolube® Lifetime Pump Warranty means that Unist MQL system owners who use Coolube® exclusively in their systems enjoy a lifetime warranty on their system’s pumps.



The MQL Router Kit lets you lubricate machines throughout your shop. This portable lubricator moves from machine to machine without production delays. Hand-carry this versatile lubricator from one scheduled cutting or machining equipment to the next. A heavy-duty magnet lets you install it with minimal downtime. This system produces a continuous output of precisely metered lubricants. Air-driven, positive-displacement pumps precisely meter each drop of lubricant at .03 cc/stroke. The 100-million cycle pulse generator allows for automatic, infinite repeat cycling of the metering pump. This ensures that a continuous, external film of lubricant is applied to the tool-work interface. Lets operator easily control atomization of the spray by adjusting air, pulse per minute and liquid metering. Adjusts output from 4-200 injection cycles per minute with a max output of 0.03mL - 0.10mL of lubricant per cycle. A durable, vented 16 oz. reservoir on the CNC mister holds more than 14,400 drops of lubricant. Dispenses any highly refined lubricant including Unist’s high-efficiency Coolube®. The MQL Router Kit combines lubricant and air in a co-axial nozzle tip. The oil mist lubrication system keeps atomization and distribution of the liquid consistent regardless of the hose length. Plastic 12 in. dual nozzles are coupled with 5 ft. Co-Axial hose. A heavy-duty magnetic base at the hose/nozzle connection of the oil mist lubrication system makes it easier to relocate and position the nozzle at the friction points.



Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Patrick A, 11/09/2023

I am very satisfied with the unist lubricating systems we have purchased. The enable me to process my aluminum pieces with great ease and at a much lower production cost. Mainly because I don’t need to replace my cutting bits as often. I recently cut (6) sheets of 4’x8’ 3/8” aluminum using the same bit. Previously I would have needed at least 3. They are around $100 each.

Reviewed by Michael H, 11/08/2023

We have been Using Unist for years and are very pleased….Soon to be adding another machine and Unist will be our lubrication choice on that machine as well..

Reviewed by Sebastien C, 11/08/2023

Well, we use Unist products for now several years, and can’t complain about it. Good quality, and great prices.

Last year (or the year before), we had to replace the sprayers and hoses for our two routers, ordering them was very easy, fast delivery and installing them was even easier. Still working today.

We use the Coolube 2010 as our primary lubricant, makes the cuts really smooth, and gives your tolls a longer lifespan.

Unist has always been the preference for us, and seeing the results we have, will stay the preference.

Reviewed by Preston W, 11/08/2023

Customer service is excellent.  always helpful and knowledgeable.  We have 2 sprayers and have not had any problems with either one since using the recommended fluid for the material that is cutting.

Reviewed by Marc V, 10/27/2023

Everything is working just like it should.

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