Minimum Quantity Lubrication Vs. Flood Coolant

Coolube® is an ideal lubricant for Minimum Quantity Lubrication!

Natural, environmentaly friendly Coolube® lubricant is made from renewable, plant-based materials and delivers excellent lubricity for metal cutting/machining applications. Coolube's® polar properties means its molecules align and form strong bonds – clinging to both tool and work piece, creating a protective layer of lubrication. Coolube is safe for worker's skin and does not require specialized clean up equipment or costly disposal.

Which Coolube®
is right for me?
Application method Ferrous Non-ferrous Aluminum Stainless
Coolube® 2210 Mql spray system Good Best Good Good
Coolube® 2210AL Mql spray system No No Best Best
Coolube® 2210EP Mql spray system Best Good* Good Good
Coolube® Solid Manual Good Good Good Good
Coolube® 2210XP Mql spray system Best Good Good Good



May be used on non-ferrous metals, wood, rubber, and most plastics.

Specially formulated for use with aluminum and stainless steel.

Specially formulated for use with ferrous metals. Also works with all non-ferrous metals.

Specially formulated for use with ferrous metals.



Use Coolube® and enjoy a lifetime warranty on your Unist MQL system's pumps!

At Unist, we're committed to your long term success with MQL. We’re so confident in the quality of our Coolube® line of lubricants that we offer customers the Coolube® Lifetime Pump Warranty. Learn more.