Coolube® is an ideal lubricant for Minimum Quantity Lubrication!

Natural, environmentaly friendly Coolube® lubricant is made from renewable, plant-based materials and delivers excellent lubricity for metal cutting/machining applications. Coolube's® polar properties means its molecules align and form strong bonds – clinging to both tool and work piece, creating a protective layer of lubrication. Coolube is safe for worker's skin and does not require specialized clean up equipment or costly disposal.

Which Coolube®
is right for me?
Application method Ferrous Non-ferrous Aluminum Stainless
Coolube® 2210 Mql spray system Good Best Good Good
Coolube® 2210AL Mql spray system No No Best Best
Coolube® 2210XP Mql spray system Best Good Good Good
Coolube® Solid Manual Good Good Good Good



May be used on non-ferrous metals, wood, rubber, and most plastics.

Specially formulated for use with aluminum and stainless steel.

Specially formulated for use with ferrous metals. Also works with all non-ferrous metals.

Specially formulated for use with ferrous metals.

An ideal lubricant for portable cutting tools as well as abrasive applications such as belt sanding and grinding.

OEM parts and components for Unist systems.

Unist precision Minimum Quantity Lubrication Systems


Use Coolube® and enjoy a lifetime warranty on your Unist MQL system's pumps!

At Unist, we're committed to your long term success with MQL. We’re so confident in the quality of our Coolube® line of lubricants that we offer customers the Coolube® Lifetime Pump Warranty. Learn more.