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The best cutting fluid for Minimum Quantity Lubrication!

Environmentally friendly and easy to clean, Coolube® is the best cutting fluid for Minimum Quantity Lubrication systems. Whether you are cutting aluminum, steel, ferrous, or non-ferrous materials Coolube® can keep your tool sharp without creating a mess. Coolube® is a great option for any operation where mess and operator contact is a concern including milling, drilling, broaching, turning, tapping, and sawing.

Natural, environmentally friendly Coolube® lubricant is made from renewable, plant-based materials and delivers excellent lubricity for metal cutting/machining applications. Coolube®'s polar properties mean that its molecules align and form strong bonds – clinging to both tool and workpiece, creating a protective layer of lubrication. Coolube is safe for workers' skin and does not require specialized clean-up equipment or costly disposal.



Coolube 2210
Coolube 2210

For non-ferrous metals, wood,
rubber, and most plastics.

Coolube 2210AL
Coolube 2210AL

For aluminum and stainless steel.

Coolube 2210XP
Coolube 2210XP

For ferrous metals.
Also works with non-ferrous metals.

Coolube Solid

For portable cutting tools & abrasives.

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8 Reasons to switch to Coolube®
Coolube® Traditional Coolant
Natural & Renewable YES NO
Reduces Fluid Use YES NO
Extra Equipment Needed NO YES
Fluid Maintenance Required NO YES
Safe for Worker's Skin YES NO
Causes Thermal Shock NO YES
Applied Neatly YES NO
Costly Disposal Fees NO YES
Clean, Dry Chips/Swarf YES NO