Coolube 2210AL, 2 oz bottles (4 oz total)




Coolube® 2210AL  2 oz samples ship in hand pump spray bottles for easy application. The perfect size for garage enthusiasts who occasionally cut aluminum.

A single shot of Coolube® will improve the performance and increase the life of cutting tools, drill bits, taps, & saw blades. 2 oz of Coolube lasts around 350 pump sprays.

Specially formulated for use with aluminum, Coolube® 2210AL also works with stainless steel.


Coolube® 2210AL is derived from natural vegetable oils, is machinist and environmentally friendly, and produces no VOC’s.

  • Improves performance and increases life of cutting tools, taps, and saw blades.
  • Specially formulated for use with Aluminum.
  • Also works with stainless steel.


Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Lenny O, 11/05/2022

In only 3 months, while producing thousands of products, we've only used 2 gallons of Coolube®.

Reviewed by Mark M, 05/02/2022

Unist has maximized tool usage and greatly reduced our final clean on parts before packaging and shipping. Eliminated all material remnant (reaming) clean up on all drilled holes. Drastically reduced daily individual tool station clean up daily therefore allowing more production run time. At a minimum increased day to day production by 18 – 20%

Reviewed by John G, 12/07/2021

It makes cleanup at the end of class a 10 minute process instead of 45 min. Lastly the chips at the end of the semester are easily recycled as they aren’t drenched in gummy coolant residue!

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