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copper nozzle spray tip
Copper Nozzle with Conical Spray Tip

12" copper nozzle. Semi-rigid, easily bent to desired shape.
Part # 6121-P-12SR

Flexible Nozzle
Flexible Spray Nozzle with Conical Tip

12" flexible plastic nozzle. Best for continuous adjustment.
Part # 6121-P-12P

Flexible nozzle with stainless steel tip
Flexible Spray Nozzle with Stainless Steel Tip

12" flexible plastic nozzle with stainless steel tip. Best for continuous adjustment with added protection.
Part # 6121-12P-SS

nozzle coupler block
Nozzle Coupler Block

Connects Unist spray nozzles to tube end fitting.
Part # 6110.

Unist BAT saw nozzle
Saw Nozzle | BAT

3" nozzle, ideal for cold saws, vertical and horizontal bandsaws.
Part # 3S-3