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Eliminate the mess and hassle of manual lubrication. Save on fluid costs, experience longer tool life, and maintain a cleaner work environment when you apply Coolube® as your Minimum Quantity Lubrication.


About this item:

  • Everything you need to equip your machine with Minimum Quantity Lubrication.
  • Ideal for open machines, including drill presses, lathes, saws, mills, and broaches.
  • Quickly install, adjust, and mobilize the system with non-invasive magnetic mounting and flexible nozzle.
  • Durable steel enclosure and machined components to withstand shop environment.
  • Lifetime pump warranty, your Coolubricator JR's pump is guaranteed for life when exclusively used with Coolube® lubrication.


Install and adjust the system with non-invasive magnetic mounting. 13+ hours of continuous operation at factory settings (10 strokes a minute) using the supplied 8oz of Coolube® 2210.


Coolube® 2210 is suitable for metals, wood, rubber, & most plastics and is especially effective on aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.


The Coolubricator JR™ requires 60-100 psi of clean dry air (2-3 CFM).





Coolubricator JR Kit Includes:

  1. Coolubricator JR
  2. 16oz reservoir
  3. 8oz Coolube® 2210
  4. 12" plastic adjustable nozzle with magnetic base
  5. 5' co-axial hose
  6. Industrial magnetic mount
  7. Coolube® brochure




MQL is great for!

  • Drill presses
  • Lathes
  • Saws
  • Open milling machines
  • Boring mills
  • Broaching



More Details:


 Product Manual      Brochure


Coolubricator JR lets you lubricate machines throughout your shop. This portable lubricator moves from machine to machine without production delays. Hand-carry this versatile lubricator from one scheduled cutting or machining equipment to the next. A heavy-duty magnet lets you install it with minimal downtime. This system produces a continuous output of precisely metered lubricants. Air-driven, positive-displacement pumps precisely meter each drop of lubricant at .03 cc/stroke. The 100-million cycle pulse generator allows for automatic, infinite repeat cycling of the metering pump. This ensures that a continuous, external film of lubricant is applied to the tool-work interface. Lets operator easily control atomization of the spray by adjusting air, pulse per minute and liquid metering. Adjusts output from 4-200 injection cycles per minute with 0.1 to 3.0 drops of lubricant per cycle. A durable, vented 16 oz. reservoir on the CNC mister holds more than 14,400 drops of lubricant. Dispenses any highly refined lubricant including Unist’s high-efficiency Coolube® from the oil mist lubrication system's durable, 16 oz. (0.5 L) vented reservoir. The Coolubricator JR combines lubricant and air in a co-axial nozzle tip. The oil mist lubrication system keeps atomization and distribution of the liquid consistent regardless of the hose length. Plastic 12 in. nozzle is coupled with 5 ft. Co-Axial hose. A heavy-duty magnetic base at the hose/nozzle connection of the oil mist lubrication system makes it easier to relocate and position the nozzle at the friction points.

Customer Reviews
Bill D
I heard about UNIST from a vendor we work with and I had an old lubricator that wasn’t working on a machine I had built 10 years ago. So I installed one of your Unist Coolubricators and it is working very well. I even received comments from the operators of the machine saying how nice a job it does at lubricating our parts with just the right amount of lube and that it doesn’t use a lot of lube on a daily basis.
Mark M
Unist has maximized tool usage and greatly reduced our final clean on parts before packaging and shipping. Eliminated all material remnant (reaming) clean up on all drilled holes. Drastically reduced daily individual tool station clean up daily therefore allowing more production run time. At a minimum increased day to day production by 18 – 20%
John G
We have been using them for about a year now and they are holding up really well even with “student use & abuse” which is probably more harsh than most industrial use. I’ve outfitted all of our manual machines (mills and lathes) as well most of our CNC mills and some of our CNC lathes with them.
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